Friday, 20 April 2012

Ups and Downs and vanilla cake

So many ups and downs in the life of a mother with kids with allergies, and they haven't even started school yet!  I started creating recipes shortly after my oldest daughter turned 1, when the store bought allergy safe cake left me somewhat disappointed style wise and I couldn't imagine serving the plain sheet cake at her 7th or 8th birthday party with all her friends.  I want her cakes to be the envy of the neighbourhood kids.  I don't want anyone to realise that they don't have any dairy, egg in them.  I want to wow people - and so I set out on a mission to create beautiful and safe cakes that EVERYONE at my parties could enjoy. 

There are ups and downs to being a mom of a kid with allergies, for instance, last night I developed my vanilla cake recipe, tried it out for the first time, just to be awoken by my eldest daughter screaming and scratching in bed, covered in hives (except her face/mouth).  I break out the benadryl and put her on anaphylaxis watch, which of course means that my 3 year old is watching me make cake, which results in meltdown when it comes time for her to go back to bed because she realises she can't eat the cake.  So I make a big deal about taking pictures and how much more fun that is (of course - I do find it fun) and secretly all I want to do is take a nice slice of this newly created cake and taste how my handiwork turned out.
dairy, egg, peanut, nut and sesame free vanilla cake, optionally soy free as well

It turned out amazingly!

Best vanilla cake I've ever had, and even my hubby wanted a second slice, which says a lot because he's a chocoholic and looks forlorn every time I say I'm making anything but my decadent chocolate cake.  I feel ready to conquer the world now, because this truly is my recipe.  I sat down and weighed proportions and quantities, sweetness level and moistness and came up with a winning combination the first time!

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  1. What a fabulous idea! You've found a niche that mothers (and fathers) everywhere have been looking for. You HAVE to find a way to publicize the existence of this blog. It may sound dramatic, but I believe you will save lives by giving families with allergy-prone children something they can feel totally safe giving to their kids. Well done!