Saturday, 5 May 2012

A bad day

Thursday was a bad day for me.  My student loans didn't come in so i'm incredibly short on cash.  What I usually do when I've had a bad day was bake, but I said I wouldn't..  Yeah, that went right out the window.

I used to comfort eat when i'd had a bad day because it made mee feel better (albeit briefly).  Since starting this cake decorating stuff, i've found that what works even better to make me feel better is to decorate cakes and try out nerw tricks and such, but sadly the end result is the same, I end up with a 2 layer cake or 24 cupcakes sitting around looking pretty and calling to me.

I made my vanilla cake but in cupcake form and I changed the recipe from last time.  I lowered slightly the amount of vegetable oil in the recipie and incresed slightly the baking soda/vinegar ratio to make it lighter.  I think it worked pretty well, so I will update the vanilla recipe to reflect the changes I made.

To save my waistline the hit (yeah right) I dropped half of the cupcakes at the daycare for the staff, considering my 3 beasts had been there a week and they weren't begging me to take them home yet.  The other half of them were sacrificed to..  well, us..

That's my latest decorating technique that I practiced..  I was going to make something fancy for tommorow, but i'm not too sure now that I just finished these..