Friday, 3 August 2012

Exam time

It's beencrazy here recently with school, kids and work and the heat of summer.  I've been writing papers and trying to fit workouts in at every possible moment (not so easy).  Fallen behind on my triathlon training sadly, but trying my best to keep up.  I have been doing cakes, trying to get word out and expand my base a bit, so since I need to go do my paper, this will be brief.

After my first sweaty "wedding" cake with bad quilting on the base, I had to do it again to make sure I could do it.  Since I had learned some lessons, I got to a different one and tried some new techniques on it.  Worked well I think.


Also, going on the trying something new theme, I wanted to try a buttercream exterior cake.  This cake is a "safe" cake, but the icing isn't (I used butter).  Since this cake was going out with me to a friends house while the kids were at daycare, I didn't have to worry about allergens in it, which was a nice change..  For one thing I missed real icing [insert feelings of guilt here] and also the "safe" buttercream isn't the greatest for the roses, which turned out okay for a first try on this cake.


Finally, I was pretty nervous about this one because it was a special order cake for someone that wasn't friedn or family.  Good news is that it went over super well and shocked her.  The tricky part was all the detail on the side, since she wanted it to look like the company logo (for an employee of that company).  It was really small too, which meant that all the details were done by toothpick, because even a tiny paintbrush was too big (it was a 6 portion cake).

So those are my latest creations..  I'm pretty proud of them.  Since i'm trying to bring in some spare money to pay for supplies for my triathlon, if I get a few more cake orders, i'll be able to buy myself some of those nice bike shoes and pedals which would come in handy!

Now I drag myself reluctantly back to study Tennyson..

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