Monday, 25 June 2012

Colour flow icing

Figured I should switch it up a little.  I don't only do cakes/cupcakes, I can do cookies too, and I have a nifty recipe for brown sugar cookies, so I whipped up a double batch on Saturday.  Now, I can make cookies, but I've never been really good at decorating them, so I wanted to challenge myself.  I'd heard about colour flow icing, but never tried it out myself until Saturday.  I started off by making the cookies (long process because the dough needs to refrigerate for 2 hours before rolling).  After the wait, the rolling out and cutting was done, they went in the oven.  While they cooled I made my icing.  That was the most unsure part of this process, because I'd made these cookies before and liked them, but the colour flow icing recipes I saw all used Wilton's color-flo icing mix, and there is meringue powder in that (egg whites) so I can't use it.  I found a recipe that looked good and tried it out.  On Saturday I made green, black and yellow icing.  The results were okay, though I think the icing was a touch too thick, the cookies looked okay, but kind of amateurish, so I'm glad I had saved a dozen for tonight.

Saturdays cookies :

So armed with lessons learned on Saturday I sat down today, mixed up some orange, yellow, black and white..  The icing recipe was a bit too thin this time, so a bit runnier than it should have been, but it worked out okay..  I had learned a few things from playing around the first time (the best way to learn a technique in my opinion) and put those lessons into practise..

Here are today's cookies:
This one is my favourite of them all I think..

So I had fun again, I learned more again and realised how much I really want to be able to open a bakery(allergy friendly/vegan bakery).  Just wish I had the means to do so..  *sigh*


  1. you are doing a wonderful job. you give me inspiration. I started my cake course today and just think you are doing it without courses.. absolutely awesome

  2. These are the prettiest cookies I've ever seen! Congratulations on another stellar creation. By the way. could you share your brown sugar cookie recipe? I don't have a good one.

  3. I don't feel comfortable sharing the brown sugar cookie recipe because it is not one of my own creation, it is from a recipe book and therefore I don't want to infringe on someone elses creation or take credit for it myself. Sorry, I only post recipes that I have developed myself or recipes that I have modified sufficiently that they are no longer similar.