Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vegan Cheesecake?

I've been intrigued.  Since my husband loves cheesecake, I've been delving into recipes of vegan cheesecake.  I'm not a fan of cheesecake, vegan or not, so I have a harder time with this of course, because taste testing is much harder.  I found a recipe that is supposed to be very good, so I went out to the store to buy what I thought I needed, and whipped up the recipe.  It was horrible.  This is when I learned there is a difference between regular tofu and silken tofu.  It's really hard to find silken tofu in Quebec, but managed to find a place that has both it and the vegan cream cheese, so that's a good thing.  Flash forward 3 weeks and I make the same recipe, this time with the right ingredients, and it is much better.  The texture is very similar to cheesecake, but the flavour is obviously not very cheesecake-y because there's not real cheese in it.  I'm going to give this recipe one more try, using all the right ingredients, but taking out the lemon zest and using instead..  flavour oil...   I'm really learning to love these things, because it lets me put flavours to things that I wouldn't be able to get to taste realistic in the first place.  I went back to my allergy information chart and lo and behold the cheesecake flavour is safe, so I'll be placing an order soon on line and will grab 2 flavours I can't find in stores around here - the cheesecake flavour and the "Irish creme" flavour, both of which are safe (mmm)..  I will post more details on how it turns out when I try it using the flavour oil.

Now those chocolate caramel cupcakes were really good, though the chocolate/caramel icing could have had a touch more caramel flavouring in it, because it was muted quite a bit by the cocoa powder added to the icing.  Overall though, it was delicious.

That was an experiment that went very well in my opinion, and I will certainly be doing it again.  IN fact, I can officially say that this is my favourite cupcake so far..  The drizzle of dark chocolate shavings on the top just makes it look deliciously decadent..  and it certainly is...

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